We are the Next Ancestors

We are the Next Ancestors

A few things you and I can do as we work toward equality and justice.

A Witch’s reflection on Racism and How to Take Action.

It’s a sunny day, and I’m sitting here under my favorite tree. For now, at this moment, the world seems peaceful, but I know better. I am trying to hold myself together.

I have positioned myself in comfort where I can see my Elder and Tulip Tree easily. I feel the spirit within each supporting me. I am asking them for guidance as I work on processing my feelings of dread and fear. Currently, I am safe, so why do I feel so fearful? Truthfully, I have always been safe. Afterall I am white. Sure, I had my share of disadvantages being raised by a single mother who often had to work 2 and 3 jobs to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table… but none of my disadvantages ever included the fear that a simple traffic stop might lead to my death based on the color of my skin.

As I sit and reflect, I begin to feel guilt over the safety the color of my skin provides. I want to share my peace and security with everyone. I want us to sit here together and enjoy the cool breeze and thick shade. I wonder what would my life be like if I looked more like my Native American ancestors rather than my Celtic and Western European ancestors? What kind of experiences would I endure if my skin and hair was dark like my great Cherokee Grandmothers’?

I loathe the inequality my white skin offers me. I loathe the violence white people have thrust on the world. I am repeatedly reminded of the need to act. As I sit here, a feeling of helplessness creeps over me. We all feel this way. What on earth can we do to right these wrongs? We can’t bring back someone’s precious life. We can’t take back the destruction. To allow myself the ability to process my feelings and determine what I can do, I have taken a break from social media and the news. I simply can’t take it anymore.

I will return, and when I do, I will have collected myself. I will have renewed my power and drive, as I take my place in the fight for equality and justice. When I return, I will have decided on what actions I will take and how I will make an impact on the insanity around us.

This is what Witches do. We know our limits. We know our energy and our needs, and when we need to, we take care of business. Sometimes this means removing ourselves from the chaos to find the solutions.

You see, Witches are not weak. We are not timid. We will not stand by watching as those who desire absolute power to dismantle the freedoms and balances many of us have worked to uphold.

I am a Witch against the patriarchy.

I am a Witch against white supremacy.

I will use all the power I can spare to help create a world where we are all safe and secure.


You and I are the next ancestors, and we have the power of the ancestors at our backs. It is up to us to create a new world. A new promising world is what we are on the cusp of having. Bu this new world will not come through passive attention. Like a mother birthing a new life into the world, this task will not be easy. We are charged by the Mother Goddess and Father God to DO and BE better than those who came before us. Over the past several months (years even), our Mother has warned us. She has sent us signals, signs, and messages, she has warned us. Unfortunately, as a collective, we have ignored these messages in favor of greed and personal conveniences.

No longer can we afford to turn the other cheek. No longer can we afford to ignore her pain. Her pain is our pain, and to deny this means certain death. Her pain ruptures and manifests in the pain inflicted by racism.

Now it is the time to remember: Witches, are DANGEROUS!  But not in a sense, most would like the world to believe. We are movers. We are shakers. We are action takers.

Witches do not sit back and wait for someone else to solve our problems or deal out justice. We call on the Gods, our guides, and ancestors to right the wrongs we see. We are never passive or timid about our place in this world. We are Witches, and we will wield the power we hold in our hands.

Witches seek knowledge that is more profound compared to what we are spoon-fed by society.  Witches challenge those who have grown accustomed to never having their choices, views, and opinions contested. It is for this reason we live on the fringes.

Witches dig deep to find the truth and when we find it we reveal it. We must claim our ancestral rights to be present in this world and to take up space! Our roots are mirrored in the roots of the tallest trees, digging deep into the shadows to seek the truth. We are the land, and we must take back what is owed. The Mother is responding to the cries of her children. Those who are most connected to her know her wisdom.

Once we find the knowledge we seek, we will then apply this knowledge to our work. We will walk in truth, so others may finally see what has been hidden under the disguise of authority and supremacy. Through knowing we grow. Through understanding, we transcend. Through action, we change the tide. This is not something anyone can take from us. It is not something that can be discounted or made false.

Like me, you might be at a point where you, too, are overwhelmed. That’s okay. We are being hit with a lot right now. Take your time to sit and allow yourself to process your next steps as I have done under my favorite tree. When you are ready, stand up and fight.

Here are a few things you can do to fight back against the injustices, white supremacy, police brutality, violence, and senselessness we see happening.


Contact your Representatives –

Demand their leadership and their presence during this crisis. Tell our elected officials to stand up for what is right and to fight against white supremacy. Demand that those who abuse, mistreat, show violence toward peaceful protestors, journalists, and other peaceful demonstrators be reprimanded for their abuse of power.

Find your representative HERE

Join the Marches and Protests –

First, please be safe. Know how to keep yourself safe and KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. If you want to be on the front lines with other protestors, you can find when and where they are happening using your favorite social media platform. Sometimes news organizations will announce when protests and rallies are scheduled. Please remember to be safe and remain peaceful while you march. Also, remember to leave the area when the permit to gather is expired.


Support those who protest –

Showing up to protest is not the only way to support the move toward peace and equality. There are several things you can do without hitting the streets. You can create kits for protestors, HERE is some info on how to do that.

You can provide transportation, childcare, food, water, you can even be someone’s emergency contact!


Support Bail Bond Funding for Protestors & Legal Support –

Many are arrested for their willingness to stand on the frontlines and fight against the injustices at hand. Many organizations are collecting donations to help bail protestors out of jail. Before you send any money anywhere, PLEASE do your research and make sure you trust the organization. Here are a few suggestions you can look into:

Black Lives Matter

The Bail Project


Democratic Socialists of America


These are good places to start. There are many other resources out there you can research on your own if you feel drawn. Also, if you recommend any other creditable resources not listed here, please place them in the comments for other readers.

Teach our children better –

This is one of the most critical elements as we work toward creating a better future. If we sincerely want to stop racism and the injustices connected, we need to teach our future generations better. WE need to show them how the current mindsets are damaging. Teach them about race and the importance of equality. Teach them to love and respect the earth and her resources. Teach them to love and respect one another.


Document Injustices & Police Brutality–

We all have a camera in our pockets these days. We can use this to document the injustices we see out in the world. If you are on the street and you see something, you CAN do something about it without getting hurt or worse, killed!

Documentation is essential when it comes to shedding light on what is really happening out there. It may also have a benefit in the courtroom. Before you document, please take some time to know your rights and ensure you are safe. The ACLU has some resources you can utilize in helping you do this – including a mobile app.



Use your magick!

Work with your coven or work alone, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we work toward raising energy for peace and justice. Light a candle each day. Say a prayer. Ask for guidance. Whatever you decide is right for you, be sure it helps funnel energy into creating safety and peace for us all.

Here is a simple spell you can use or modify to suit your needs and preferences.

A spell for Justice and Peace

Tools –

A white candle

A lighter

Lavender Flowers, dried

A heatproof bowl, cauldron, plate or dish

A charcoal puck


When to perform – Any time, but the full moon is best


Instructions –

Find your space and set it up as you desire. On your altar place your candle, lavender, and heatproof vessel. Place your charcoal puck in or on your heatproof vessel. Make sure you can sit comfortably in front of your altar. If you can, do this outside where the moonlight can touch your skin.

To begin, breathe deeply and become present with your space. Light your white candle, and your charcoal puck. Close your eyes and take a few moments to think about why you have come to this space and the intention you need to set for performing this spell.

When you open your eyes, add some of the dried lavender to your charcoal and chant the following:

Soothe the heat.

Soothe the rage.

Let us turn the page.  

We begin a new chapter, with peace as our Sage.

Spend some time with this chant drawing up the energy of peace to create justice and safety for all.


When you are ready close your work and your space. Perform this as often as you feel the need.

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