When Magick Becomes Simple

When Magick Becomes Simple

I like to ask my followers and readers about their path from time to time. When you subscribe to my email list, I will ask you to describe to me your #1 issue on this path. This is my standard question because I am genuinely curious about what challenges you face.

As I read over the many responses I receive, I have come a crossed some common issues. One of these common issues is in finding the time and the energy to practice your craft. Some of you face depression, anxiety, busy schedules, judgment from your families or roommates, and much more. Naturally, when met with so much opposition, you will find practicing a challenge instead of it being an exciting event.

I hope I can help you gain some inspiration and maybe even some insight as to how you can make practicing a little less effort. The critical thing to remember is that Witchcraft doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Of course, this path is not easy. This is not a one and done, “fast food” style path. I thank my good friend EmberSprite for that comparison. Yes, this path can be hard, but that doesn’t mean we have to complicate it further. There are plenty of ways you can make your practice effortless. You only have to open yourself up and uncomplicate things.

I am a very busy person. If you are a long-time follower and reader you already know, I own The Witchwood Teahouse, where I blend specialty teas, loose incense, and herbal sugars for rituals, wellness, and more. I am also an author with a couple of books slated to publish this year. I work part-time for a friend helping him manage his marketing for his small business. I serve on the board of directors for a local holistic community. I offer events locally and semi-locally. OH, and I can’t forget the coven, my family, and friends! Yes! I am stupid busy. BUT even with a seriously full schedule, I make time to practice my craft. The key is to become observant and flexible. To give you some perspective, let me tell you about my past couple of days.

I think this story actually begins Saturday evening. I attended a glorious rage release and plate smashing event at a friend’s house. After we came in for some food and good conversation, I found myself admiring her sets of antlers displayed in her home. I found myself realizing that I don’t have any antlers of my own, and I always wanted some. I filed the desire in the back of my head. Perhaps I thought someday, but I was not really paying that much attention, to be honest.

The next afternoon my son was in the back of our house, playing with a friend when he discovered a large antler. When my son brought me this perfect gift, I realized it was something to be treasured. I instantly felt that it was a gift of the Divine Masculine. I placed the antler on my altar and lit a candle of gratitude before I went back to work packing teas for a large order.

This is one example of how to practice your craft with little to no effort. A critical act in your craft is to establish healthy relationships with your patrons, ancestors, and the spirits who watch over you. Paying homage for the gifts you have every day is critical to practicing Witchcraft. Witches seek to commune with entities unseen, and we learn to recognize when they are communicating with us. This gift was clearly a reciprocation of my desire to have an antler of my own. When you have solid relationships with the entities who watch over you, they will oblige your needs and desires without you ever having to ask. Every day, light a candle and say thank you all you have. Ancestors, spirits, and the Gods want to know you appreciate all they do for you. Let’s face it. When you know someone appreciates what you do for them, and they express gratitude, you are more willing to do more for that person.  

This morning and as it seems to happen most often during the full Moon, I found myself awake at 3 a.m. This time my rude awakening was my bladder reminding me I should not drink so much tea before bed. As I lay there trying to ignore the fact that I needed to get up and use the bathroom, I found myself trying to remember a vague dream that was quickly slipping out of memory.

The dream reminded me of an incident as a child when I didn’t feel supported and loved. My mind was foggy, and I was becoming annoyed with the old memory running through my head. With a healthy dose of frustration, I finally got up and went to the bathroom. On my way back to the bedroom, the Moon caught my eye. I could see her intense brilliance through the curtains. I remember thinking, “WOW amazingly bright,” then something probably along the lines of “Geesh it’s 3 a.m., go to sleep”. Just then, my older cat came upstairs and began demanding attention.

To give you some perspective, this was odd because Midnight (our older cat) doesn’t usually venture upstairs. We rescued Midnight about a year and a half ago, and as you might gather from her name, she is a black cat. She was found on the streets, and she was not in good condition. She had a jaw injury and needed some care before she could be adopted. As long as we have known her, she has always been very timid. It took her nearly six months to come out of my moon room and sit with us on the couch. Even then, if anyone moved or got up for any reason, she would bolt out of the Livingroom, and back into the moon room.

Now back to the purpose of this tale. I got back in bed, and Midnight crawled up in the bed with me. “Stranger yet,” I thought. She began purring and nudging my hand for pets. Suddenly, as I lay there in delight of her aggressive affection, I was filled with a remarkable sense of love security. The only way I can explain it is that I felt immersed in compassion. She reminded me of what it is to feel supported in love and that no matter how much I am hurt by another, I can still show love to those I know and trust. At this moment, I was being reminded of my capacity to love and my ability to express love fully. This moment taught me that I am good enough, and I deserve the be happy and have my love reciprocated.

After a while, I succeeded in the realization that sleep was not happening. I went downstairs to the moon room and opened the curtains. AMAZING! The moon room was filled with dazzling bright moonlight. The Moon was like a giant spotlight outside my window pouring silver light into everything it touched. I found my bolster and sat on the floor, soaking up this brilliant moonlight for a while. No candles. No tools. No special incantations. No spells to follow. Just me, Midnight, and the Moon.

I sat there until I began to feel sleepy again. Before I got up to go back to bed, I realized that I was being taught a valuable lesson. The Divine was reminding me of my worth and that I am loved, always. I was filled with gentle power, and I instantly understood this is Magick. The energy I hold within and express outwardly is my Magick. My essence is what connects me to God and Goddess. My openness and willingness to listen open the lines of communication.

We all need these reminders from time to time. But if we are not open to receiving the message, we will miss them and continue feeling lost and lonely on our path. Our intentions are heard and understood by the Divine, but only when the lines of communication are open. They are always reminding us of how we are the essence of magick. Through subtle clues, subtle hints, we are connected to the energy of the Mother and the Father. Subtle expressions of joy, love, compassion, and tenderness are powerful.

What’s the point?

I just sat there under her light. I sat there, fully open, and willing to hear the Divine speak to me. It was in this moment of openness I was reminded that all I ever need is right here with me. I was reminded that I am looked after because I have established healthy relationships with my Deities. I talk to them, light candles in their honor, and leave small offers for them on my altar. These are simple everyday practices anyone can do with little to no effort.

Through my expression of love and my ability to show compassion and tenderness, I can have joy. I know it sounds counterproductive, but through vulnerability, we can have security, and through this sense of security, we can become whole.

Being a witch is not about planning and flawlessly executing grand rituals, aesthetics, or the number of tools you can collect. Witchcraft and Magick are not a competition where a Witch’s measure by the size of her wand. Magick isn’t in the candle you light or the jar you fill. Magick is the opportunity to be open and remember that you are a child of the stars. Witchcraft is about allowing yourself to sense and acknowledge subtle energies – Energy that ignites your journey and makes manifesting a breeze.

When I was sitting in the moonlight, I found that the only thing I needed was the moonlight, no candles, no tools, no chants, no songs, no one telling me who, where what & how.  It was just the Moon, me, and the generous gifts given to me without having to ask. When we are open in our craft, our hearts and minds become open too. When we soften and allow the energy of the Divine guide us, we feel supported and loved.

Through this realization, you will find you have a new vigor and eagerness to greet each day with wonder and appreciation. You will want to practice your craft because you will discover that it doesn’t have to be a chore.

2 thoughts on “When Magick Becomes Simple”

  1. I have been realizing as of late that all I need to manifest what I need or desire is me. All the ritual tools I have accumulated over the last 30 + years help me to focus my desires and attentions towards my goals. I guess after so many years of practicing I recognize the “feeling” of majick within. Its not to say I don’t get “formal” with rituals now and then, let’s face it, there is power in planning and focusing and joy in the doing, but majick is possible at even busy moments of your day. Funny thing is the results are positive no matter which way I choose to practice. Your article spoke to me for sure!

  2. I am new to this path and was so excited to celebrate my first Ostara. I had a ritual all planned because I thought that was what needed to happen on a holiday. Well it was the first nice day of spring, I spent the day cleaning up trash in the open lot next to our house, getting things ready to do some outdoor gardening, setting up our camper, enjoying a bonfire with my family and then sleeping in the camper with my youngest son and husband. I never got to my planned ritual and I realized the next day that what I did was much more of an Ostara celebration than any ritual I could have planned. Your story helps this newbie to realize that rituals don’t need to be “formal” rules and I truly appreciate the story.

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