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Practical Candle Magick

Going back to the basics.

Fire can be subtle and comforting while at the same time it can be…

Sacred Cleansing

Just the other day, I wrote about energetic cleansing and the side effects… 

The Lost Child

Healing the Child Within

We had been separated for so long. We both were desperately in need of healing, and it was all up to me. 

Finding a REAL Teacher of the Craft

I hear you, and I understand the position you find yourself. I hear your prayers for a teacher who will help you know the path that calls to you from deep within. I know the urgency you feel. You feel the burning to walk this path with authenticity. You’re in the dark and stumbling around, searching for a flicker of light to help you find your way. What should you know, and how do you know it? Is anyone out there willing and able to help you figure it all out?

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My personal journey is about connecting to Divinity through food and the ritual of preparing and sharing food in Magickal ways. It is my pleasure to to share my knowledge and experience with you are we develop our connection with the Divine through the seemingly mundane act of cooking.